Oh Mr. Black, I knew you well.

Lies, Lies, LIES They cried,  and Strung him high The mob cares not The workings of rational minds

Beirutting Berate

Listen closely to the words I’m not speaking See this picture that I’m not painting Feed this hunger that we’re not sating Dance through this life that we are all faking Buy the lies that I’m not selling Live the story that I’ll never be telling Silence this weeping that could never be yelling Lose … Continue reading

This is all just ground work for our time in the sky

Centering me In beat and repetition i thought it was a cage To trap my mind To blind my eyes But yet it magnifies (You) And soothes my rage So i’ll dance upon this stage Face clean and hands worn Toiled in the soil of the morn To reap harvest in the eve Truth perceived, I … Continue reading

Lines for a Relative Life

I don’t mind When time Dilates Stretching thin Like wire Desires burn Bright Illuminating the crawl of time Suspended in Between Perhaps and Guaranteed. Oh tease me Please With possibilities, promises And dreams. Believe in me.

To turn a phrase

Falling through an eternity of sky They wet the banks of the Shawnee As they wet your bangs When you had forgot your umbrella It was never anything less than Eloquent, what we had The dance of ebb and flow In turn and turning steps

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