Inspired in two parts by the poems Consumed & Vulnerability.


15 Responses to “Soulmates”
  1. Thank you for taking the time to read my simple offerings, am pleased to see that they evoke something within others.. If we are able to inspire at least one other person by love then the world may by chance become a closer and better realm. Am particularly pleased to see my writings are able to conjure something other than further descriptions of my madness as well.. 🙂


  2. hoope says:

    Its awesome.. ! a very lovely and true poem ..
    God ! i loved it all.. SO TRUE .. .. especailly when saying ” Would we not keep distant for fear of losing self. “


    • An Imperfect Servant says:

      We fear the connection that requires a sacrifice of our self.
      So few people seem to embrace the effort to expand beyond
      A singularity of individuality
      Seeking a harmony in
      Our inherent


  3. valbrussell says:

    Beautiful and intense writing and I love how you altered the visual clarity of the text. There are those who say that at this particular time in our history on this planet that many soul twins are reuniting for the purpose of our spiritual evolution. I believe it to be true.


    • An Imperfect Servant says:

      How great would our power be
      Were we to give it wings
      That beat the rhythm
      Of love’s truth

      What heights
      Could we find
      In this unity of mind
      would that time
      could stand still with
      pregnant anticipation upon our
      Spiritual evolution.


  4. Samanthamj says:

    just beautiful.

    thank you.


  5. enreal says:

    You captured the essence well… it is more than love. beautifully done


  6. Charles says:

    That’s very cool, did you make and write that? I assume you did. Heck I thought my astigmatism had gone in to overload with my macular degeneration. I like it, very well written. Oddly it fits my latest writing assignment in Poetry class. How have you been? I need to write, but I lost your address. Had a reformat.

    I hope you have been fairing the weather well.

    Keep on writing and thank you for the comment.



    • An Imperfect Servant says:

      I wrote the poem first, then found the top pic on the web and modified it in photoshop.
      After that, I did a little reading on other sites about soul mates.
      I saw a great picture of the Chakras and an article on aligning them.
      I thought it went well so I put the chakra colors on the Da Vinci sketch.
      Pasting the poem over it all, with the jitter and making it readable was a trick.
      And thinking on the over all effect I just realized that I need to talk to an
      Astrophysicist and a Quantum Theorist.

      Thank you for enjoying this piece and for your comments.
      Always a pleasure when you stop by, Charles.


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