It’s Rando Calrissian I’m Avoiding

It’s the same As creating A finite number set To start with Based upon Specific criteria Designed to Eliminate Undesirables Moments that Arise during a lack Of human decency Sadden me Limiting time Hindered is Best done Proactively  

It ALL begins with Why

A pretty audacious title i know! Hear me out, though. It is the spirit­ of the question Most especially “why” That gives rise To all that graces Our eyes For to answer why We must find purpose Amidst all the lies Because a reason for life Will make its very struggle Valuable *   *   * … Continue reading


I am in danger of becoming Poetically Lovingly Emotionally Intensely Absorbed in You. You excite An oscillation in me An anxious vibration i want to fly the heavens With Your Spirit i want to steep my soul In the colors of Your world Become a riotous sunrise That cries out hope and love In brilliant … Continue reading


It’s all in those Small Little Moments We always forget Too easily And hopefully Your take away Is something Much deeper Than I Could Ever be.

Wolf Kin

In the air The chill hangs low The scent of pine And of loam, floats In the cool moons glow Our eyes lock My howl rises Beneath my chest Her voice In echo to mine Souls twine Spinning time Into eternity Grinding Sanity down Till only hunger Survives Fire Licks clean Every luscious nerve A … Continue reading

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