Have Faith

Thoughts stir, swirling
Refusing to take form
Or, perhaps one
Refuses to form them
Teetering on the precipice
Leap/Step of faith

A simple prayer

Teach me to Listen, And Please, While you are at it Teach me your language, Because

They say a Picture is worth a thousand Words

}I’d say an Idea is worth a thousand pictures{ I believe [what a loaded statement] That understanding (ha! flashes of brilliance) Appear [duplicitous though not dubious] As pictures and sometimes develop into 3d models in my mind. Rotated, Labeled Conceptualized Often vectoring Through time Can you see my dilemma If I want to engender discourse … Continue reading

Ever a Perspective Shifting

She said “Just now, your voice was purple…” I wished i’d been able to give her a rainbow But that was beyond me (at that time) [i purpose to do better] — I want to touch her In ways that resonate Reverberate Down through the years — I want to reach out With the power … Continue reading

Oh Mr. Black, I knew you well.

Lies, Lies, LIES They cried,  and Strung him high The mob cares not The workings of rational minds

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