Nothing at All… …And Everything

Fuck it .   |     Just .   |         Stuff it .   | .   | .   V Down .    Don’t tell it how .    Don’t let it out .    Compress it now Till its momentum’s so great And its radius so small That it is … Continue reading

It’s Rando Calrissian I’m Avoiding

It’s the same As creating A finite number set To start with Based upon Specific criteria Designed to Eliminate Undesirables Moments that Arise during a lack Of human decency Sadden me Limiting time Hindered is Best done Proactively  

It ALL begins with Why

A pretty audacious title i know! Hear me out, though. It is the spirit­ of the question Most especially “why” That gives rise To all that graces Our eyes For to answer why We must find purpose Amidst all the lies Because a reason for life Will make its very struggle Valuable *   *   * … Continue reading


I am in danger of becoming Poetically Lovingly Emotionally Intensely Absorbed in You. You excite An oscillation in me An anxious vibration i want to fly the heavens With Your Spirit i want to steep my soul In the colors of Your world Become a riotous sunrise That cries out hope and love In brilliant … Continue reading


It’s all in those Small Little Moments We always forget Too easily And hopefully Your take away Is something Much deeper Than I Could Ever be.

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